Tulimond Tulimond

Tuli― who?

tl;dr Tulimond is a hybrid studio of both interior design and visual arts. It portrays the soul of its founder in the way it looks and feels.

tl;dr As a name, Tulimond comes from my fondness for tulips and diamonds. It started as a textile design I created back in my uni years, and recently, I've decided to develop it further to make it my own identity.

Derived from my obsession for Art & Design (yours truly, an interior design grad), I've put this obsession to use, and created a studio that reflect my soul― and pay the bills, make my family proud, maybe too, why not.

"Tulimond is a reflection of what I enjoy creating; interior design and visual art."

If I had to add an Artist/Designer Statement, it'll be like this:

My curiosity in answering the question “what if?”, leads me to exploring surrealism to create art and design pieces that visualize a certain idea or thought I get from my mundane life.
My absolute enjoyment in this process, is to observe a certain object/subject, and give it a story of a different life than the one it’s having in this world. From that, I start world-building, using any mediums at my disposal. It being digital or traditional.